Nov 06 2016

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“A lady asked Dr. Franklin, ‘Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy — ‘A republic,’ replied the Doctor, ‘f you can keep it.”

Anonymous, from Farrand’s Records of the Federal Convention of 1787

“Come let us reason together…” Isa 1:18



Michigan Voter Center. Find your Sample Ballot

You can change your vote in Michigan

Contact Your Local Election Official

A voter (and absentee) may request a new ballot if needed and a new ballot must be issued, no matter how many times the voter requests a new one. The voter should write “SPOILED” at the top of their ballot, remove the ballot stub, and place in the Spoiled Ballot Envelope. The Application to Vote should be changed to note the new ballot number. In addition, the new ballot must be recorded in the EPB software. pg. 13 Michigan Electronic Pollbook Election Inspector’s User Manual


Fellow Michiganders,

Those who know me personally know I am somewhat of what back in the day was commonly referred to as “spitfire”

I hold on to and defend my beliefs with passion and determination.

Sometimes a little too tightly.

However, that is why I can empathize with those who genuinely and thoughtfully struggle with supporting Donald Trump or have decided not to support him.

Why can I emphasize?
Because I felt just like you do now back in 2012 when Romney was running.

I did not support him or vote for him in 2012. I was tired of voting for Establishment candidates, didn’t not consider Romney a “true Conservative.” etc
So I held on tightly despite efforts of others to sway me



Because conscience (principles) considers consequences

I have learned it’s better to move the ball forward then none at all or worst yet backwards.

A “populist leaning Conservative”Romney was still much more preferably to the best interests of our country than a Saul Alinsky-style radical “hard core Leftist”Obama.

Romney & Obama? Images are from the non-partisan site On the Issues:


And that principle is the same today


Trump & Hillary copy2

However, do I agree with Donald Trump 100%? No. However, I disagree with Hillary 100% of the time.

Hillarty and SCOTUSOf course four years later the stakes are much higher. We are now almost eight years in to a hard core Leftist rule. We have a Federal court that has been stacked by Obama appointees and one or more Supreme Court appointees who will be picked by our next president.

And that is why as Joel C. Rosenberg of The Joshua Fund writes in his blog post, “After much prayer and soul-searching, I have reluctantly decided to vote for the Trump-Pence ticket. Here’s why.”

The most important is this: Hillary Clinton must never be elected President under any circumstances. She must be stopped. As I have written, she would be an absolute catastrophe for America. Should she be elected and the Democratic Platform enacted, this dynamic would accelerate the country towards divine judgment and implosion.”

Mr. Rosenberg is much more articulate than I so I will re-post his other reasons of which I wholeheartedly agree for voting Trump/Pence

  1. Hillary and her advisors may have committed federal crimes. The decision by the Director of the FBI to reopen the criminal investigation put into sharp relief for me the gravity of the situation facing us.
  2. Electing Hillary could very well lead to a constitutional crisis that could paralyze the federal government and make us vulnerable. These were points made this week by Doug Schoen, a senior Democrat pollster and strategist who once worked for President Bill Clinton. Schoen announced that he – a long-time Hillary supporter – could no longer in good conscience vote for her. This helped persuade me that I could no longer in good conscience avoid casting a vote to stop her.
  3. Aside from criminality, Hillary is the most corrupt and flawed candidate ever to run on a major party ticket for President. Americans are exhausted by the culture of corruption and scandal that perennially surrounds the Clintons. Four more years would distract us from tackling the serious challenges facing the American people.
  4. Hillary Clinton is the poster child for “politics as usual” at a time when we need change. Yes, as I stated above, I have deep reservations about Mr. Trump. I have not sugar-coated these concerns. Rather, I have written and spoken about them throughout the campaign. In January I wrote 39 reasons why a Trump presidency would be a catastrophe (see here and here). I concede this could still turn out to be true. But it also should be noted that in the ten months since I wrote those columns, an excellent Republican Platform was drafted and approved. Also, Mr. Trump has made a series of very specific and attractive commitments. He has promised:

To pursue pro-life policies at the federal level
To appoint Supreme Court Justices in the model of Antonin Scalia (and has issued a specific – and impressive – list of names from which he promises to draw to make his appointments to the Court
To defund Planned Parenthood
To rebuild the American military
To protect America’s borders
To strengthen America’s alliances with Israel and our Sunni Arab partners
To repeal and replace Obamacare
To cut taxes, reform the tax code, revitalize American manufacturing, create jobs for Blue Collar Americans, and expand economic freedom and opportunity for all Americans

I will add that Mr. Trump has reached out to Evangelicals for advise and their input forming an Evangelical Executive Advisory board.

“The members of the board weren’t asked to endorse Trump, but according to the campaign email, “the formation of the board represents Donald J. Trump’s endorsement of those diverse issues important to Evangelicals and other Christians, and his desire to have access to the wise counsel of such leaders as needed.” Donald Trump Launches Evangelical Advisory Board

Personally I am more confident that Donald Trump will keep his promises (in as much he is aided by Congress to do so) Why do I believe this? Because Mr. Trump is a doer. Even so we must be diligent to not only aid him but to keep him accountable in keeping those promises.

As a woman I am offended by words Mr. Trump spoke eleven years ago. However, as a woman I am more than offended by a woman who supports 3rd Trimester abortions as Hillary. I am repulsed, as a Christian woman it is an obscene abomination, evil.3rd Trisemster

And as a Christian I have come to believe over these many months that the rise of Donald Trump just might be a “God Thing.”

The Lord doesn’t always gives us what we think we want but what we need. He uses people to accomplish His purposes. Flawed humans, unsaved humans, and sinners. Us.

He used a Saul and transformed him into a Paul (Acts 9:1-19) He used a prostitute, Rahab (Joshua 2) who became part of the lineage of Christ, he used a liar Jacob (Genesis 27). He used men who did not know or worship him, Cyrus, (Isaiah 45) Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2) He even used a donkey! Numbers 22:21-39.

After eight years of hard core Leftist governance, America is at the precipice. America needs a fighter, a man who wants to win. A man of immense energy. A man who does not need the job and can not be bought. A man who is not afraid to expose the corruption that has brought decay to America. A man who is not hamstrung by political correctness. A man who see the problems and finds solutions. A man who loves his country.

Donald Trump is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and has promised to defund Planned Parenthood.

Could the Lord be using Donald Trump to bring America back from the precipice, to give America another chance?

Because if America goes, so goes the world. America is the last beacon of liberty in the world.? The Cause of America2

The Lord is willing than none should perish. In His love, grace and mercy is He extending the time for a still free people to turn, repent and receive Him as their Lord and Savior? And to continue to spread the Good News to the four corners of the globe

Hillary won’t. She will “accelerate the country towards divine judgment and implosion.”

Please don’t be like me four years ago. It is simple mathematics, not voting for president, voting for a 3rd Party or a write in, in this election means Hillary needs less votes to win

Conscience (principles) Considers Consequences


Thank YOU for all you do, you are the heart and soul of a free Michigan!

Joan Fabiano, founder Grassroots in Michigan

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