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Aug 23 2018

Tonya and Tom – Election 2018

BREAKING Renowned Pro-Life Activist Rebecca Kiessling Endorses Tonya Schuitmaker I’m honored to second the nomination of Sen.?Tonya Schuitmaker?for Attorney General at the Michigan Republican Convention tomorrow! Tonya has worked hard to protect rape victims and their children, including her support for the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act which ultimately protected my client Tiffany when she …

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Nov 13 2017

Michigan News You Want to Know

Michigan Citizens, Houston we have a problem. Obama holdovers, Never Trumpers and deep state operatives are obstructing President Trump’s agenda and policy. And this time Michigan’s Rep. Kelly was a victim of that obstructionism after going through a grueling 8 month process. Michigan Rep. Tim Kelly out of running for federal post over offensive blog …

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Jun 14 2015

Be Prepared Michigan!

  June is a pivotal month for Michigan and our Country. Two extremely important rulings are due in June from the Supreme Court of the United States. Michigan citizens needs to be prepared. But first a update on just what is happening with road funding since Prop 1 was demolished at the ballot box.   …

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Dec 02 2014

** TOMORROW** While You are Christmas Shopping…

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.” G. K. Chesterton A brief update: Greetings from Texas! ?I am taking a sabbatical of sorts and RVing in the hill country of Texas. I say this as an explanation of why there hasn’t been a recent edition of our …

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May 28 2013

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Common Core, the States and GOP Backers

“This notion that the children belong to the state, that their education must be provided for by the state … is inimical at every step to liberty.” – J. Gresham Machen As the battle against Common Core continues in Michigan this week during the Ominbus budget bill talks, Common Core pusher former Florida Gov. Jeb …

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